Spikey’s stamtavle

Highflying Up Up And Away PlCh SlCh RuCh CzW-07 IntCh Basie Of Slavic Charm ESCh Ramberhay Rustler’s Moon
PlCh VDHCh CzCh SlCh IntCh Delightful Cassie z Mondeo
DkUCh Bonny And Clyde’s Twice As Nice PlCh VDHCh Papaws Yankee Doodle
PlCh VDHCh Bonny And Clyde’s Diadem Durcy
DkUCh SUCh Highflying Cheyenne USCh DkUCh SUCh Papaws Photo Finish USCh Shanaspree Triple Crown
USCh Auldscotia Patent Papaw
DkUCh Highflying As Time Goes By NordUCh IntUCh VDHCh Highflying Hot To Trot
Lovechoice Delicious